Show, create, discover, collect, trade and license extraordinary NFTs
Introducing: CryptoPunks Universe
CryptoPunks Universe is a collection of remastered forks of CryptoPunks —— the original avatars series. Created by artists from all over the world, with their own unique styles.
SHOW Token
Use SHOW token to show, create, discover, collect, trade and license NFTs.
How to Earn
Early-adopters will be rewarded based on usage.
Earn SHOW by mint and sell or license your creations.
Get SHOW reward for every transaction on the NFTs you minted.
Create Public Profile with NFT
Mint, Buy, Transfer, and License NFTs
Integrations with BSC based platforms on accepting SHOW as a payment token
Tokenomics chart
18 Million
10% initial, 3% per month
Creator Foundation
22 Million
Released every month, over 3 years
Protocol Rewards
50 Million
Released over 3 years
IGO Sale and Liquidity Farming
2 Million
Marketing Reserve
8 Million
Released over 3 years
View all your NFTs in one place
View all your NFTs in one place
Connect your wallet or input your address, view all the NFTs you own in one place.
Browser, Trade and Collect NFTs
Collect and Trade NFTs
Browse, Buy and Sell NFTs, or Licencing them for passive income.
Mint your own NFTs
Mint your own NFTs
Create NFT with Showcase. We will store your artwork on Arweave, permanently.
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